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US-9461544-B2: Enhanced phase control circuit and method for a multiphase power converter patent, US-9470168-B2: Apparatus and method for diagnosing deterioration of oxygen sensor of vehicle patent, US-9476865-B2: System and method for analyzing properties of meat using multispectral imaging patent, US-9482833-B1: Light pipe connector apparatus patent, US-9488459-B2: Position sensor module patent, US-9488600-B2: Radio-frequency nanopore sensor patent, US-9496807-B2: Electrostatic induction power generator patent, US-9499708-B2: Encapsulated fluorescent and photochromic dye polyurethane dispersion patent, US-9512861-B2: Component maintenance action identification patent, US-9521097-B2: System and method for management of persistent and irrefutable instant messages patent, US-9530154-B2: Advertising receptacle patent, US-9532856-B2: Screw head patent, US-9550253-B2: Fiber laser beam machine patent, US-9570692-B2: Motherboard of flexible display panel and method for manufacturing flexible display panel patent, US-9575823-B2: Recording unstructured events in context patent, US-9581011-B2: Downhole imaging systems and methods patent, US-9597311-B2: Suppression and prevention of tumors patent, US-9598986-B2: Five-way oil control valve with integrated venting spool patent, US-9626513-B1: Trusted modular firmware update using digital certificate patent, US-9631654-B2: Fastening member and device having the same patent, US-9669669-B2: Tire monitoring system for a vehicle patent, US-9681398-B2: Radio communication apparatus, communication control apparatus, radio communication method and communication control method patent, US-9682816-B2: Interconnector for freight containers patent, US-9695541-B2: Drum washing machine patent, US-9697311-B2: Spice circuit model for twinaxial cable patent, US-9727627-B2: Fixed content storage within a partitioned content platform, with replication patent, US-9784442-B2: Mechanical bypass light unit patent, US-9786258-B2: Apparatus including an instrument holder patent, US-9809172-B2: Modular rail and step system patent, US-9811115-B2: Cover for portable terminal patent, US-9812704-B2: Active material, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, and battery pack patent, US-9831784-B2: Electronic resonant and insulated half-bridge zeta converter patent, US-9832122-B2: System and method for identification of large-data flows patent, US-9836497-B2: Enabling testing of production systems without affecting customer data sets system and method patent, US-9858757-B2: System, method, and device for conducting a wagering game patent, US-9864565-B2: Output system, output apparatus, and power control method patent, US-8646104-B2: Stateless challenge-response broadcast protocol patent, US-3344493-A: Spreader roll patent, US-8649279-B2: Apparatus and method for adaptive TSP setting to minimize duplicate packet transmissions patent, US-8674314-B2: Solid-state nuclear detector patent, US-8684917-B2: Embolism filter with self-deployable guidewire stop patent, US-8687770-B2: Systems and methods for performing line imbalance measurement and mitigation based on a common mode sensor patent, US-8688862-B1: Systems and methods for monitoring input signal parameters patent, US-8701876-B2: Clips for attaching staples for joining conveyor belt ends and clip-staple assemblies patent, US-8708293-B2: Device substrate attachment structure patent, US-8717642-B2: Flatbed scanner and method for controlling same patent, US-8729093-B2: Soil treating agent or seed treating agent comprising quinoline compounds or salts thereof as active ingredient, or method for preventing plant diseases by using the same patent, US-8729912-B2: Displacement sensor patent, US-8747532-B2: Filter device patent, US-8758715-B2: Porous wall hollow glass microspheres as a medium or substrate for storage and formation of novel materials patent, US-8771640-B2: System and method for using glass microspheres containing a positron-emitting isotope to image blood flow and distribute a radiomedical treatment species patent, US-8795765-B2: Method for producing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium patent, US-8809380-B2: Picolinamide derivatives as TTX-S blockers patent, US-8811155-B2: System and method for compensating for a satellite gateway failure patent, US-8816241-B2: Laser welding apparatus patent, US-8821113-B2: Air cycle machine seal land patent, US-8860904-B2: Chassis having interlocking assembly parts and display device having the same patent, US-8862230-B2: Pacing configuration for an implantable medical device patent, US-8868578-B2: Building information technology services from a library of elements patent, US-8876242-B2: Liquid ejection head patent, US-8912765-B2: EPGS architecture with multi-channel synchronous generator and common unregulated PMG exciter patent, US-8948691-B2: User application initiated telephony patent, US-8970554-B2: Assembly having display panel and optical sensing frame and display system using the same patent, US-9021848-B2: Method for forming a sector for a nacelle lip skin patent, US-9034378-B2: Biodegradable polyurethane and polyurethane ureas patent, US-9058586-B2: Identification of a person located proximite to a contact identified in an electronic communication client patent, US-9069638-B2: Update system to synchronize changes from external sources for a java virtual machine patent, US-9157400-B2: Fuel injector patent, US-9169383-B2: Preparation, purification and use of high-X diblock copolymers patent, US-9194279-B2: Thermostat with locking arms for coolant filling patent, US-9224778-B2: Solid-state image sensor and electronic device patent, US-9230496-B2: Display device and method of driving the same patent, US-9232629-B2: Metal core board for vehicle-mountable junction box patent, US-9315915-B2: Method for manufacturing zirconium metal and hafnium metal patent, US-9340058-B2: Blanket for offset printing and manufacturing method therefor patent, US-9342118-B2: Liquid cooling of multiple components on a circuit board patent, US-9362440-B2: 60×120 cm2 prototype electrodeposition cell for processing of thin film solar panels patent, US-9375581-B2: Implantable stimulation device, stimulation system and method for data communication patent, US-9436287-B2: Systems and methods for switching processing modes using gestures patent, US-9454807-B2: Methods and systems for denoising images patent, US-9455266-B2: Memory array with a pair of memory-cell strings to a single conductive pillar patent, US-9459284-B2: Conductivity inspection apparatus and conductivity inspection method patent, US-9466807-B2: Coating system and method for manufacturing light-emitting device patent, US-9466911-B1: Terminal base having fastening structure patent, US-9484995-B2: Method, system, and device for transmitting coding instruction information and for determining pre-coding matrix patent, US-9495026-B2: Touch panel and touch-controlled display device patent, US-9509100-B2: Electrical connector having reduced contact spacing patent, US-9532276-B1: Hybrid call continuity for a wireless communication device patent, US-9533774-B1: Highly inclined elliptical orbit launch and orbit acquisition techniques patent, US-9557062-B2: Damping device for a gas turbine combustor patent, US-9584418-B2: Quantized congestion notification for computing environments patent, US-9598656-B2: Method for producing molded solid fuel patent, US-9624413-B2: Working medium for heat pump, and heat pump system patent, US-9641536-B2: Policy access control lists attached to resources patent, US-9656889-B2: Inhibitors for organics solubilized in produced water patent, US-9689515-B2: Quick connector apparatus patent, US-9699991-B1: Maize hybrid X13F334 patent, US-9721885-B2: Electrical fuse and/or resistor structures patent, US-9732874-B2: Composite valve with main valve element and sub-valve element patent, US-9787573-B2: Fast convergence on link failure in multi-homed Ethernet virtual private networks patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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